Estate of Charles Bush

The State of Alabama Probate Court Nov. 15, 1862
Barbour County Presiding J. S. Williams Judge of said county.

The State of Alabama To Honorable Judge S. Williams Judge of said County Barbour County The Petition of Selina J. Dubose and Selina B. Glover former Salina B. Bush, Executor and Executrix of Charles D. Bush deceased, respectively submits unto you honor.

1. That their is a provision contained in said will and testament of said testor for the real and personal property of the said Charles D. Bush to remain in the possession and under the control of Salina B. for and during the time of her life or widowhood, until the marriage of said Salina B. the said property should be sold , the proceeds equally divided between the said Salina B and children of said Salina B and said Charles D. Bush to wit, Francis Jane Bush, Zachariah Bush and Charles Dennis Bush.

2. That said Salina B. heretofore intermarried with one Edward E Glover to wit on the 5th day of January 1862.

3. That said will does not direct how by who or in what manner. The balance of this court action is being requested from Barbour County, Al and this page will be updated upon the receipt of the document.

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