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Caleb Canady was born about 1770 in Virginia. He married about 1796 in South Carolina to Mary "Polly" Evans, who was born about 1780, the daughter of William Evans. Caleb and Polly later moved to Georgia and later to Tallapoosa County, Alabama. They had a large family. Caleb died on 26 Jaunary 1853 in Tallapoosa County and Polly died after 1860 in Tallapoosa County.


  • Elizabeth, born about 1798, married David Foster on 12 May 1825 Putnam County, Georgia, died 1891 in Red Hill, Elmore County, Alabama
  • James, born about 1800 died 1860 in Scott, Mississippi, married Harriett _____
  • William, born about 1802
  • Sarah, born about 1804, married Telly Dozier
  • Winifred "Winnie", born about 1806, married Elijah Herdon on 12 February 1829 in Fayette County, Georgia, and later moved to Texas
  • Druscilla, born about 1808, died 24 September 1851 Tallapoosa County, married William Gilbert
  • Lucinda, born about 1810, married William Finch 1832 Campbell County, Georgia
  • John, born about 1812, buried McDaniels Chapel, Clay County, Alabama, married (1)Mary McInnish, (2) Mary Holt 2 July 1854 Tallapoosa County
  • Sebastian, born about 1814, died 26 September 1878 Forest, Mississippi, never married
  • Lucretia Jane, born 28 November 1819 GA, died 7 March 1875 in Bay Springs, Jasper County, Mississippi, married Wiley Madison Flanagan about 1838
  • Mary, born about 1818, never married
  • Hilda, born about 1820, died young
  • Milton Ebenezer, born 24 September 1824 in Putnam County, Georgia, died 12 March 1906 in Eros, Jackson Parish, Louisiana, married Amanda Kizziah Flanagan on 23 January 1848 Coosa County, Alabama (Milton served in Co. B, 47th Ala. Inf. Reg.)
  • David Blair, born September 1826 in Georgia, died 6 July 1904 in Freestone, Texas, married Louisa Ann Land on 31 July 1856 in Tallapoosa County

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William CANADY [Caleb]

William Canady was born 1802 in Georgia. He married Nancy Foster on 18 January 1827 in Hancock County, Georgia. They had at least twelve children, including two sets of twins.


  • Amanda, born 1827 Ga.
  • Martha, born 1829 Ga.
  • Martin L., born 1831 Ga.
  • John M., born 1833 Ga., possibly married Mary Griffith 12 Jan 1861
  • Abigail, born 1834 Ga.
  • George W., born 1836 Harris Co., Ga.
  • William E., born 1836 Ga.
  • Jabez, born 1839 Ga.
  • Isaac W., born 1841 Harris Co., Ga.
  • Nancy Jerusia, born 1844, Harris Co., Ga.
  • Benjamin Frank, born Dec. 1847 Harris Co., Ga.
  • Thomas J., born Dec. 1847, Harris Co., Ga., died 21 Dec 1927 Elmore Co., Ala.


Martha Jane CANADY [William, Caleb]

Martha Jane Canada was born on 13 November 1829 in Georgia. She married Russell J. Flanigan on 02 December 1851 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Russell was born in 1826 in Georgia, the son of George Flanagan and Nancy Carroll. Russell was a member of the 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company B. He fought in the battle of Gettysburg and was wounded in the arm at Cold Harbor. Martha Jane died on 24 October 1876 in Elmore County, Alabama. Russell died in January 1899 in Elmore County. They are buried in Refuge Baptist Church Cemetery in Elmore County.


  • Francis Marion, born 1853, married (1)Eda Jane Loflin, (2)Ella J. Robinson, died 13 Sep 1925, buried Riverdale Cemetery Columbus, Ga.
  • Rebecca Elizabeth, born 1855
  • Isaac R., born 1860, buried Good Hope Church Cemetery, Elmore Co., Ala.
  • Roxy, born 1866
  • Donna, born 1868
  • Adaline D., born 1869, married RLP West 21 Dec 1888 Elmore Co., Ala.
  • Milton E., born 1872

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Martin L. CANADY [William, Caleb]

Martin L. Canady was born 1831 in Georgia. He married Sarah Ann Thorton on 14 March 1858 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. They had two children:

  • Margaret, born 1856 Tallapoosa Co., Ala.
  • Felonia, born 1859 Tallapoosa Co., Ala.

George W. CANADY [William, Caleb]

George W. Canady was born 1836 in Harris County, Georgia along with his twin brother William E. He married Martha Ann McInish on 14 May 1866 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Martha was the daughter of Nevin McInish and Priscilla Dozier. A sister of Nevin McInish, Celia, married David Lawson Burson.

Children: all born in Elmore Co., Ala.

  • Josephine P., born 1867, married Jefferson D. Tucker 16 Oct 1890 Elmore Co., Ala., one child
    1. Vera b. 1901
  • Willie Ann, born 1868
  • Ida D., born 15 Feb 1870, died 27 July 1954 Mongomery, Ala., married Thomas Joseph Hughey, children:
    1. Thomas Vachel b. 1890
    2. Emma b.1892 d. 1988, m. Jeddie David Cannon abt 1910
    3. Joseph Washington b. 1897 d. 1963
    4. Ruby b. abt 1901
    5. Willie Stewart b. abt 1903
    6. Mamie b. abt 1906
  • Mary Launa, born 15 Sep. 1874, married Spencer James Mason 11 Sep 1892 Elmore Co., Ala.

William E. CANADY [William, Caleb]

William E. Canady was born in 1836 in Harris County, Georgia along with his twin brother George W. He married on 04 December 1866 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. His wife was Celia C. McInish, sister of Martha Ann who had married William's twin brother, George.

Children: born Elmore County, Ala.

  • John, born 1868
  • Mary, born 1869

Nancy Jerusia CANADY [William, Caleb]

Nancy Jerusia was born in 1844 in Harris County, Georgia. She married James P. Waldrop on 15 September 1861 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She later married George W. Ingram on 26 March 1878 in Elmore County, Alabama.

Children of Nancy and James P. Waldrop:

  • Pochahontis, born 1862 Tallapoosa Co., Ala.
  • Eliza, born 1867 Elmore Co., Ala.

Benjamin Frank CANADY [William, Caleb]

Benjamin Frank Canady was born on 18 December 1847 in Harris County, Georgia, a twin brother of Thomas J. He married Idona Haseltine McInish on 23 December 1875 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Idona was a sister of Martha Ann and Celia, who married Benjamin's brothers.

Children: all born in Elmore Co., Ala.

  • McDuff, born Jul 1877
  • Jennie, born Jul 1879
  • Nancy A., born Jul 1881
  • Jabry, born Nov 1883


Thomas J. CANADY [William, Caleb]

Thomas J. Canady was born on 18 December 1847 in Harris County, Georgia, a twin brother of Benjamin Frank. He married Sarah Elizabeth McInish on 07 February 1869 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Sarah was the fourth McInish sister to marry into this Canady family. Thomas died on 21 December 1927 in Elmore County, Alabama.

Children: all born in Elmore Co., Ala.

  • Nevin Wiley, born 30 May 1871, died 07 Jul 1938 Elmore Co., married Mary Lou Daily 27 Sep 1896, children: Nevi Harold b. 1897 d. 1897, Gertrude b. 1898 d. 1905, Lois, Irvin b. 1902 d. 1977, Dalton W. b. 1904 d. 1990, Lorena, Louis E. b. 1910 d. 1968.
  • Priscilla, born Nov 1873, married Thomas H. Jall 04 Nov 1897, children: William L., John L., Verna M., Minnie L.
  • Rosa Bell, born 12 Feb 1876, died 01 Mar 1965 Elmore Co., married Benjamin Jordan 17 Nov 1895, children: Susie Myrtle, Lena C. b. 1899 d. 1992, Claude b. 1902 d. 1976, Benjamin Gorman b. 1904 d. 1977, Mabel, Gaston K. b. 1909 d. 1988
  • Martha A., born Mar 1879
  • Cynthia V., born 13 Jul 1880, died 28 Jul 1974 Elmore Co., married Joel M. Hall 14 Jan 1897 Elmore Co., children: Oklahoma Homer, b. 1897 d. 1966, Forest M., b. 1900 d. 1980, Willis, Maynor, b. 1905, d. 1989, Carlton R., b. 1907, d. 1943
  • Willie E., born Jun 1883
  • Carl J., born 23 Mar 1888, died 17 Feb 1976 Elmore Co.
  • John T., born 30 Oct 1893, died 02 Jul 1957 Elmore Co., married Amy Lee

The above family information, except for that of Martha Jane, comes from Debra Boswell, ggg granddaughter of William Canady. She can be reached at

Many thanks to Debra for sharing her information.

It is possible that this Caleb and his family are related to Edward J. "Ned" Canady, of which my Tallapoosa Connection lies. Anyone with information on this relationship or surname, please contact us.


Edward J. "Ned" CANADA
Snowy MCBURNETT [Thomas]

Edward J. "Ned" Canada, said to be the son of Jesse Canada, was born about 1817. He married Snowy McBurnett on 28 September 1834 in Meriwether County, Georgia. They had moved to Tallapoosa County by 1838 when their first child was born.They lived there the remainder of their lives. Snowy died shortly after the 1870 census was taken. Edward later married Mary A. McEwen, who was born about 1838. Mary is buried north of Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama. Edward died on 17 May 1887 and is buried along with Snowy south of Dadeville, Alabama in an old cemetery just inside the entrance to Stillwaters Resort.

Their children:

Edward had a sister Sallie, who married Edmund Umphress.

Other possible relatives of Edward Canada are listed here.



Thomas Shackelford CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

Thomas Shackelford Canada was born in September 1840. She married Johnathan M. Mulligan on 02 March 1857. Johnathan M. Mulligan served in the Civil War as a member of Company B, 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment.  He died of disease at  Gen'l Hospital in Staunton, VA. on 26 Jan 1863 (NARA). Johnathan might have been the brother of Andrew J. Mulligan, husband of Shackelford's sister, Josephine. Shackelford later married on 13 October 1866 in Tallapoosa County to Thomas Jack Clayton, who was born about 1844, the son of Alexander and Jensie Canada Clayton. Jensie, I believe, is a sister of Edward Canada, which would make Shackelford and Thomas first cousins. Shackelford died in April 1919 and is buried in Dadeville Cemetery, Dadeville, Alabama.

Child of J.M. and Shackelford

  •  Edward J, born about 1858
  •  Infant, born 14 September 1860, died 14 November 1860, buried Canada-Threadgill Cemetery, Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Children of Tom Jack and Shackelford Clayton

  •  Mary, born about 1868
  •  Emma, born about 1872



Josephine CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

Josephine Canada was born on 14 January 1842 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married Andrew J. Mulligan on 25 January 1859 in Tallapoosa County. Andrew was probably a brother of Johnathan W. Mulligan, husband of Josephine's sister, Shackelford. Andrew served in Company B, 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. It is not known what happened to Andrew but Josephine died on 16 September 1911 and is buried in the Midway Cemetery in northwestern Coleman County, Texas.

Known child:

Lucy A., born 1860 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama



John CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

John C. Canada was born on 12 April 1848 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married Elisha J. Temples on 19 November 1868 in Tallapoosa County. Elisha was born on 08 April 1833. He died on 28 October 1912 and John C. died on 02 June 1915. They are buried in Tallapoosa County in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. Elisha was a member of Company K, 38th Tennessee Infantry during the Civil War.

Their known children:

  •  Mary Alice, born November 1869 or October 1870, married George D. Cosby
  •  A. Lee, born 01 December 1871, died 27 May 1904, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
  •  Johnnie, born October 2, 1875, died December 22, 1875, he is buried in Canada-Threadgill Cemetery, Tallapoosa County
  •  Kate (Catharine), born 13 July 1878, married Burancus F. Cosby, died 17 June 1965, buried Dadeville Cemetery, Dadeville, Alabama



Louisa CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

Louisa Canada was born on 30 May 1847 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married James Ackerman on 24 December 1873 in Tallapoosa County Alabama. They later moved to Texas, settling in Childress, a short distance from Louisa's sister Mahala. Louisa died on 12 Oct 1914 and is buried in Childress. James, the twin brother of John Dallas Achimon, who married Susan Umphress, was born about 1847.

Known children:

Claude, born 24 Feb 1878, died 14 January 1927 Childress County, married Madge Bushon



Mahala CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

Mahala J. Canada was born on 20 March 1851 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married Francis Marion Tippett on 14 September 1871 in Tallapoosa County. Francis Marion was born on 07 September 1843 and died on 25 March 1936. Francis M. Tippett was a member of the 47th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. Mahala died on 13 January 1905. They are buried in Childress, Childress County, Texas.

Known children:

  •  John Ed, born 9 Dec 1873 Alabama, married Eunice Roberts on 11 Dec 1898 TX, died 17 Feb 1964. Eunice was born on 6 Jun 1875 and died on 27 December 1953, both buried Childress Cemetery
  •  William H., born  9 June 1876 Alabama, died 22 Aug 1956, buried Tell Cemetery, Childress County, Texas
  •  Eula L., born about October 1879



Almeda CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

Almeda Canada was born in 1853 (according to census records) or 09 May 1862 (according to tombstone) in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She married William R. Jackson on 12 September 1883 in Tallapoosa County. William R. was born on 01 July 1840 in Mississippi. Almeda died on 11 May 1927, and William died on 20 July 1928. They are buried in the Red Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery.


  •  Maud A., born 03 Feb 1885, died 21 Oct. 1892, buried Midway Cemetery, Coleman County, Texas
  •  Mollie M., born 14 Jun 1889, died 12 Feb 1891, buried Midway Cemetery, Coleman County, Texas
  •  Fred Oliver, born 04 Nov 1891, died 23 Aug 1892, buried Midway Cemetery, Coleman County, Texas
  •  Walter, born 16 Aug 1893, died 22 Mar 1978, unmarried, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama
  •  Edward R., born 07 May 1895, died 18 Jan 1975, unmarried, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama



James Edward "Ned"  CANADA [Snowy, Thomas]

James Edward "Ned" Canada was born in 1858 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He married Lizzie (probably Elizabeth) Burson Porch, who was born about 1858. The Burson and Porch families are well known in Tallapoosa County but I have yet to place her with any Burson family. I have also not found a Lizzie Burson marriage to any Porch men. She was born in 1862 in Alabama. Edward died on 04 July 1930 and is buried in Midway Cemetery. Lizzie is buried there also.


  •  Herman Eric, born 1880, married Martha E. Bedell, died 31 May 1938
  •  Nathan



Possible relatives of Edward J. "Ned" Canada


Mary Ann Canada born January 21, 1805 in Georgia and married Jasper Kirkham McEwen. Edward's second wife was Mary McEwen. Is there a connection between Jasper and Mary McEwen? Jasper was the son of Robert McEwen and Rachel Hawkins. This family is covered by Peggy Loos in her web site at . You can contact Peggy at Peggy shows Mary Ann to be the daughter of Jesse and Sarah Jones Canada, thus making her a sister of Edward Canada and Sallie Canada Umphries.


Lemuel Canada was born about 1807 in Georgia. He is found enumerated on the 1860 Tallapoosa County Census, just three houses down from E.J. Canada, living with  John & Mary Ann Ward Porch. Living with them at the time was Lemuel Canada, a male age 17 years and John Canada, a male age 7 years. Lemuel was probably a brother to Edward. Mary Ann was likely a daughter of Nathan and Martha (Patsy) Canada Ward, and Martha was probably a sister to Lemuel and Edward J.


Martha Elizabeth (Patsy) Canada was born about 1808. She married Nathan Ward in Clarke County, Georgia on 26 December 1820.They had  Mahala Ward, who married John Tippett.


Jincy Canida, born about 1820 (according to 1850 census record), married Alexander Clayton in Meriwether County, Georgia on 08 November1833, could be a sister of Edward. Had daughter Susan and son Nathan among others.


Susan A. Canady, born in 1823, either 02 Mar 1823 or 02 Jul 1823. She married William Porch on 24 October 1842 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She died died on 03 February 1885 and is buried in the Red Ridge Cemetery in Tallapoosa County. Could possibly be a sister of Edward.


Caleb Canady was born in Virginia in about 1770 and later died in Tallapoosa County in 1853. His children are listed in the census records of Tallapoosa County starting in 1850. Could this be a brother of Jesse Canada, Edward's father?


Lemuel Canady was born approximately in 1807 in Georgia, according to the 1860 Tallapoosa County, Alabama census records. He married Mary A. _______. They had at least seven children:

  • Leader, born abt 1833

  • Richard Edward, born 1836

  • Thomas, born abt 1839

  • Mary, born abt 1843

  • Elizabeth, born abt 1845

  • William, born abt 1849

  • Lemuel, born abt 1843

  • John, born abt 1853


Richard Edward CANADA [Lemuel]

Richard Edward Canada was born on 03 August 1836 in Wetumpka, Alabama. He married Nancy Lee Luster in about 1856. Nancy died in about 1874, after giving birth to six children. Richard later married Snowie Effie Gray, daughter of Hillary Wade Gray and Sarah McBurnett. Richard served in the Confederate Army for four years and four months, serving in 59th Alabama Regiment, Company C. He was wounded in the last battle, and was General Robert E. Lee's flagbearer when Lee surrendered. It took Richard thirteen months to walk home after he was discharged. Richard and Snowie moved to Grayson County, Texas in 1888. Richard died on 24 January 1919 and is buried in Van Alstyne, Texas. It is not known where Nancy is buried or the exact date of her death.

Children of Richard and Nancy:

  • Louis Henry, born 9 Aug 1857, married Adaline K. Lee on 12 Oct 1884, died 7 Apr 1918, buried Big Spring, Texas

  • Jesse C., born 1859, married Andrew Georgia Veasey

  • Edward, born abt 1862

  • S. Cynthia, born abt 1867, married William Clayton Hamons 04 May 1886 Tallapoosa Co.; had daughter Bessie May, born January 8, 1891, died December 9, 1900, buried Midway Cemetery

  • Janie, born 1868, married James Clyde Tippett (1865-1938), died 1947, buried Midway Cemetery, Coleman Co., Texas

  • Elijah Edward, born 9 Mar 1872, married Luetta Elizabeth Stanley 15 Oct 1893, died 24 Oct 1920, buried Springer, Oklahoma


Information on this family comes from Rayford Canada. He can be reached at



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