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I do not have any additional information for records in this section.  While researching for Parker records I also gather ones that I have no idea of who they are. I hope this will help you in your research and perhaps some may even link to me later on.

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Annals of northwest Alabama

Vol 1 A short autobiography

Page 218


By William Barton PARKER

I was born in 1867 at Garrison Point in the western pare of Cullman
County Alabama at theplace where my grandfather settled
when he came here from South Carolina.  I am now 89 years of age.
I married Adeline Sandlin.  Our children are Nicie (Parker)
Florence, Willie Parker, and Homer Parker.  Homer Parker married
Verlie Calvert

* As told to Carl Elliott at Cold Springs, October 13, 1856.

page 219

My father was William Parker.  My mother's maiden name was
Ellen Lindsey.  William Parker was a Confederate soldier and served
in the middle army with men from Tennessee, Alabama, and

My brothers and sisters were James Parker, who married a Miss
Sanders from Cordova;  John Parker who married Edith Drummond,
George Parker, who married Susie Vandiver (they lived in Sumiton);.
Charlie Parker, who married Maude Mauldin; Walter Parker, whom
married Angie Ryan; Sara Lou Parker, who never married; Anna
Parker, who married John Aaron; and Savannah Parker, who married
Phelan Drummond.

In about the years 1870 to 1873, when I was three to six years
old, there was a big Methodist camp meeting ground west of
here where meetings were held  in late summer, after crops were laid
by.  From one to two dozen Methodist preachers from all  around
would come to the camp meeting.  Some of the preachers I remember
were John Self, John R. Johnson and Bob Ware.  The Methodist camp
meeting ceased operating about 1873.
I went to school at Shady Grove, at Camp Ground and at Sipsey
    Sipsey Valley is toward the river from here.  It is about two miles
from teh Walker county line.  Sipsey Valley was a church house.
However, we used it for a school building.  I remember it had a big
fireplace.  The older boys at the school sawed the wood that kept thhe
fires burning.
    Some of my schoolmates at Shady Grove were Mode Leeth, John Williams, Sam Williams, Jim Stewart, Sherman Vest, and Joe Boyd.
As a child, I would go to Cullman two or three times a year. There
were a few country stores, but they were widely scattered.  I can recall
carrying ten dozen eggs to Bremen and getting 6 cents per dozen for them.
I can well recall how scarce matches were when I was a  young man.
A little box of about twenty five sulphur matches cost 10 cents. People
kept some  fire in their homes all summer long so as to save the cost
of matches.  My grandfather, Thomas Barton Parker, boasted shortly
before his death at the age of 93 that he not only never bought a
match but he never had struck one, either.
When Grover Cleveland was president, I homesteaded 160 acres of
land.  It was the south half of the ne quarter, and the north
half of the se quarter of section 34, township 12, range 5 in
Cullman County, Alabama.  I still own this land.
    My grandfather was Thomas Barton Parker.  He and my grandmother
Barbara Childers Parker, moved here from York District.

Page 220

South Carolina.  That si where Rock Hill, South Carolina, is now
located.  They came overland in a wagon.  I have heard my grandparents
describe their trip to Alabama.  Four or five families came
together.  My grandfather's brother in law, Louis Childres, was with
them.  I think they arrived here in 1841.  My father, William Parker,
was young at the time.  He was born in 1839.
    Granpa Thomas Barton Parker settled at what used to be called
Garrison Point.  Lonnie Stewart lives there now.  It is about four
miles west of Old Bremen.  In 1941 Garrison Poing was a part of
Walker County, Alabama.

Thomas Barton  Parker and Barbara Childres Parker had ten
children, eight boys and two girls.  They were:

  1.   John Parker, who married a Miss Freeman,shortly before the Civil War.  She died
    while the war was going on. He died in Camp Douglas in Chicago,
    while a  Confederate soldier.  They had only one child.  It died in

  2. Jim Parker, a Confederate soldier, who was killed in
    Tennessee.  He never married.

  3. William Parker, who married
    Ellen Lindsey.  These were my parents.

  4. Perry Parker, who married Margaret Boyd.  He served in the Confederate Army.

  5. Davis Parker, who married a Miss Sandlin.

  6. Walter Parker, who married Nancy Myers.

  7. Tom Parker, who married Virginia Lindsey.

  8. George Parker, who married a Miss Wykle from Blount county.

  9. Mary Anne Parker, who married Cage McClendon.

Sara Parker, who married John McClendon, a brother to Cage

I remember my grandparents well.  On several occasions I spent
three or four days with them.  Grandpa Thomas Barton Parker lived
to be 93 years old.  At the time of his death he was living on the
Mulberry River, near Arkadelphia.  She and Granpa are buried by
each other near Arkadelphia.

    My father William Parker, was a Confederate soldier.  During the
war he was captured and the Yankees treated might bad. He
talked to me a lot about it when  I was a child.  I guess what he said
kinda stayed with me.
    I cast my first vote for Grover Cleveland in 1888.  I voted in Beat
15 in Cullman County.  Grover Cleveland got six voted in that Beat.
Three of the six had been Confederate soldiers.  The Republican
candidate got 35 votes.
    I have voted the straight Democratic ticket for over 68 years, since 1888.
I will vote for Adlai Stevenson in November. This will be  my
18th Presidential election.







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