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Early History of Boston Vol. 32 Aspinwall notarial records

Page 43 of Vol 32

Pg. 36

May 28, (9) 1646

Be it known unto all men by these presents that we Richard Glover of London Merch and Rebecca

Glover wife to the said Richard Glover & Executrix of the last will & testament of Matthew Cradock of London

Merchant deceased have constituted & in o place sett & ordained

p. 44

o trusty & loveing friend Nicholas Davison Merch o true & lawfull Attorney, revoking all former Orders & tres of Atturney whatsoever & to whom  so ever, hereby giving & granting unto the aforesaid Nicholas Davison O full & absolute power to aske require leavie recover & receive in of name for us and for o use all & singular sume & sumes of money merchandise debts gooda & Chattles whatsoever of Richard Stileman, William Tyng of New England merchant, and William Collins or any other agents factors  what soever, and all and singular  persons howsoever imployed formerly by the aforesaid Matthew Craddock deceased, and by us or by o appointment since, being any wayes indebted to  the state of the foresaid Matthew Craddocke in New England or else where by any act or account. Indebted to the New England where by any act  or accounty indebted to the New England Account of the above mentioned Matthew Craddocke deceased.

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence  of us

Sam Downes

Ellis Smyth

 Subsc:  Richard Glover & seale

            Rebecca Glover & a seale

Boston town  records vol 31 7th book


Page 101


Boston Town Records, 1786


Cap. John Ballard

Andrew Syms Esq.

M. Joseph Clark

M. Jacob Rhodes

Samuel Brick Esq.

M. Henry Bass

Col. John May

Were chosen Fire Wards for the year ensuing.


The following persons were chose Clerks of the Market for the year ensuing


Mess. Moses Black

      Francis Wright

      Richard Codman

      Nathaniel Glover – declines

      Daniel Sears

Sam. W. Hunt

Elisha Doane

Thomas Apleton

William Gray

John Wells

Thomas Perkins

Jonathan Freeman Ju.

Genealogical Gleanings in England page 83


Roger Glover of London, merchant, being now at the Island of Meavis, 14 November 1636, proved 5 Sept. 1637.  William Hawkins, citizen and waxchandler of London, to be overseer.  Goods and in the increase of London to be disposed of for the advantage of Richard Rowe of London, merchant, my loving brother Richard Glover of London, merchant, and my loving sisters Elizabeth and Sara Glover, whom I appoint and executors. Debts due in the Indyes and debt s formerly due in any part of the West Indyes.  To my niece Elizabeth Glover, daughter of my loving brother Joss: Glover 50 pounds.  To my niece Elizabeth Pemmerton forty pounds.  To John Worchester ten pounds.  To my friend Capt. Thomas Sparrowe, Governor of the Island of Meavis two  thousand weight of tobacco.  To M. George Upcote of the same Island fiver hundred weight of tobacco.  To Nicholas Godsalve, Secretary, three hundred pounds of tobacco.  Debts due from Thomas Littleton late Governor of the above said Island.  To James Littleton,  his son, one hundred pounds.  The witnesses were Thomas Sparrow, John Worchester, Thomas Hinde and Nicholas Godsalve, Secr.        Goare, 126

Vol 1 Genealogical Gleanings in England 


Page 770


Thomasine Owfield of London, widow, 16 June 1637, proved 9 November 1638.  My body to be decently buried in the parish church of St. Katherine Cree Church als Christ Church in London, as near to the body of my late deceased  husband Roger Owfield as conveniently may be. To my son Samuel Owlfield all my lands and in  Lincoln which I purchased of the Right Hon. The Earl of Hertford.  A provision for children of daughter Elizabeth Staper.  To my son  Joseph Owfield eight hundred pounds, my seal ring of gold (and some silver plate) To John Janson, eldest son of my daughter Thomasine Janson, one hundred pounds at one and twenty.    To my daughter Rebecca Geering’s child if she have any, one hundred pounds. To the four sons of my daughter Martha, wife os Fymon Smith six hundred pounds, after the deceased of their mother, viz; Samuel and Thomas one hundred pounds each John Symon two hundred pounds each.  To Samuel, (eldest son), and Thomas Smith one hundred pounds each in six months after my decease.  To my daughter Thomasine Janson, wife of John Janson, my cabinet.  To John Short, eldest son of my late son in law John Short, deceased sixty pounds and to his brother Thomas Short forty pounds.  To the four children of my daughter Abigail Harrington deceased, late wife of Francis Harrington, likewise deceased eight hundred pounds.  To my executors two hundred pounds for the use and benefit of Francis Harrington, to Isaac two hundred pounds, to Abigail two hundred pounds and to Mary two hundred pounds.


Item I give and bequeath unto ROGER GLOVER, eldest son of my daughter SARA GLOVER deceased, the sum of one hundred pounds, to be paid him at the age of one and twenty years, and to ELIZABETH GLOVER, eldest daughter of SARA GLOVER deceased, the sum of fifty pounds, and to SARA GLOVER youngest daughter of SARA GLOVER deceased, the sum of fifty pounds to be paid unto them at the age of  one  and twenty years or days of marriage which first shall happen.  To Richard Straper, eldest son of Hewit Staper three hundred pounds, to Samuel Staper two hundred pounds, to Joshua Spat\per two hundred pounds,  to  Benjamin Staper two hundred pounds.  To certain ministers (including Adoniram Bifield). To the two children of my niece Martha Valentine deceased, forty pounds, i. e.  to the eldest daughter Ann twenty pounds and to the other daughter twenty pounds, at one and twenty or days of marriage.  To m son in law John Georinge ten pounds to make him a ring.  To John Owfield, my kinsman  in Billiter Lane, and his wife ten pounds apiece to make them rings.  To sundry severants and others to the poor in Hospitals and elsewhere.  Sons Samuel and


P. 771


Joseph to be executors.  I give unto the Work company of Fishmongers as a remembrance of my hearty love and good  affection unto them in the sum of twenty pounds to be spent at a dinner amongst them upon the day of my funeral or at some other convenient time, at their pleasure.  To Richard Staper, eldest son of my daughter Elizabeth Staper, the lease of my house at Isleworth which I bought of John Juxon, he to permit his mother to dewll in it so long as she shall live, if she like to dwell there, she paying the rent ect.  And my express will and desires is that my executors do bury me in the afternoon without any heralds.   Lee.  142


(This will ginds the Walter, Moore, Gardiner and Owlfield wills on pages 726-31 to that of Thomasine Janson (ante, p.724) already given.  The following wills relate more closely to the Glover side of the connection.   H. F. W.



Robert Goodwin citizen and salter of London, 4 August 1610, proved 16 October 1610.  To my son Peter Goodwin (certain household fixtures) a pair of brass andirons a fire shovel and a pair of tongs all of brass, a pair of bellows, the boards being of Cipres wood.  One table and  a court cuppard of Walnut tree, another court cuppard with three  in the same, six wainscot stools, a picture of the ten virgins and my own picture.  To my son John Goodwin (certain household goods) and (a similar bequest)  to my daughter Mary.  To  son John three hundred  pounds within three months after he shall be made a freeman of London or  shall have attained to the age of six and twenty years, which first shall happen.  To my daughter Mary, wife of Richard Jennye eight pounds a year.  To the poor of the Dutch church 5 pounds.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my son in law ROGER GLOVER forty shilling to make him a ring; also I  give unto him  a mourning gown.  Item.  I give and bequeath unto SUSAN GLOVER  a white pepper  ox of silver. Item.  I give and bequeath unto ELLEN GLOVER two gilt spoons.   To Anthony Guy a debt of forty shillings which he oweth unto me by his bond. To Richard Jenny, my son in law  a debt of ten pounds which I paid to Sir John Wattes for him.  T the Company of Salters, whereof I am a member, that shall accompany my body to the church, ten pounds to make them a dinner at Salers’ Hall.  Item I do give and bequeath unto my daughter ? GLOVER, a mourning gown and forty shillings to make her a ring.  Other bequests to children and other individuals.  My son Peter Goodwin to be ? full and sole executor and my friend John Highlord to be overseer.

Wingfield, 91


Robert Pembersho of Borough of St. Albans in the county of

Hartford, gentlemen, 25 May 1628, proved 8 July 1628.  Lands in Shen?,

Herts in the tenure of Henry Sharpe,  and my message and fields in

Shenly in this tenure of William Carter, and my fields ect. In Shenley late

Of the tenure of William Harris shall be sold by my brother in law Johh

Glover of Lincoln’s Inn, Middlesex, Esq. and by my brother Raphe Pemberton

Gentleman, now mayor of the Borough of St.Albans within convenient time aftger my decease  for and towards the payment of such monehys

Now and hereafter shall be due unto my father in law Roger glover of ?cott in the Co. of Berks Esq., upon a mortgage of my houses and teneants in Bow Lane in the parish of St. Mary le bow London, and unto Roger Marsh for  discharging of the debts which shall be due unto him the mortgage of certain lands in Shenley Herts.  Any overplus shall uptowards the performance of this my will.  My wife Susan shall have


p. 772


one hundred pounds yearly out of my messuges &c. in Bow Lana, for and during her natural life.  And the rest of the rents &c. she shall take and receive during all the tims she shall remain sole and unmarried until my eldest son Roger shall accomplish the full age of twenty and one years, for and towards the maintenance of my three children, roger, Robert and Elizabeth (andfor certain other specified purposes).  Thenfollow elaborate provisions

for the children.  Reference to a debt due from Randolph Willey citizen and  vinter of London one due to Mr.Valentine Moretoft of London, and debts due to testor beyond the sear &c. 

To the poor of St. Peters in St. Albans of Shenley and  of St. Mary le Bow, London.  To

Mr. Jeremy Leach, parson of St. Mary le Bow one ring of gold, with a death’s head, of the value of twenty shillings.  To my well beloved father in law ROGER GLOVER the like ring of gold of the value of thirteen shillings and four pence, and to my brother in law JOHN GLOVER the like ring of the value of thirteen shilling four pence.  To my dear mother Mistress Elizabeth Pemberton, widow, andto my loving brother John Pemberton and Katherine his wife, and my loving brother Raphe and Francis his wife, and my loving brother in law Mr. Robert Woolleyh and  Tecla his wife, each of them the like ring of the value of thirteen shillings four pence apiece.  Rings to wife, to cousin Ellen Wooley, to son Robert to daughter Elizabeth and to Robert , son of brother  Mr.Robert Woolley.  To son Roger my ring bequeathed unto me by my father Mr.Roger Pemberton deceased.  Son roger to be executor and  brothers JOHN GLOVER and Raphe Pemberton to be overseers.     Barrington, 69


(Robert Pemberton, the testor, was a son of Roger Pemberton of St. Albans by his wife Elizabeth dau. Of Raffe Moore, and was a cousin of Roger Williams.  His father’s will printed on p. 331 mentions him, though he is omitted in the pedigree, copied on the same page from the Visitations of Hertfordshire of

Robert Pemberton, the testor, was baptized at St. Albans, Herts

Dec. 23, 1586 and was  buried there May 29, 1628.  His sisters were also

baptized there, namely Elizabeth, Dec. 27, 1585, prob. d. young: Elizabeth

May 26, 1590: and  Tecla, Sept. 27, 1592, prob. Of these, Tecia m. Robert Wooley.

Mr. Watkins, in his article on the Pemberton Family, vol 46 pp. 392-3 of the Register, supposes Ralph Pemberton, born about 1609, who is regarded

As the ancesgtor of the Pemberton Family of Pennsylvania to be “Ralfe and

Frances (Kempe) Pemberton: but from information he has since received, he is convinced that the supposition in erroneous, the father of Ralph, the Pennsylvania emigrand, being named William   Editor)

Vol 1 Genealogic Gleanings in England


Page 772


Roger Glover of London Esq. 9 Jan. 1636, proved August 7, 1634.

Daughter Elizabeth Glover to be full and sole executrix.  Reference to a mortgage made to testor by son in law Robert Pemberton, of certain houses in Bow Lane for the sum of eleven hundred andforty five pounds

Principal lent to the said Robert at the time of the said mortgage, on which

Testor has recently received eight hundred fifty pounds.  If the executor shall receive the remainder of the principal money which is unpaid and

The forbearance fo the eight hundred and fifty pounds which is already paid

Me, during the time it was in the hands of my son John Glover and my son

Ralph Pemberton then she shall reconvey the said houses unto the heirs of the said Robert Pemberton my late son in law.  “And if neede shall require I desire my eldest sonne Josse Glover to joyne with my said executors

In the reconvayinge  of the the said houses the w.  I trust hee will not deny  ?

Regard heh hath given me a release” &c.

I give my household stuff and plate unto my two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah to be divided equally between them at the time of either of the


Page 773


Marriages and my will is that my wife shall have the use of the said plate

&c during her natural life &c.  Reference made to a bond of son John

Glover for the payment of twelfe hundred pounds to Sir William Hewitt

(which he did not pay) and for the payment of fiver hundred pound to my

Daughter Sarah and five hundred  pounds to my son Ralphe after my decease.

The lease of my house in Drury Lane to my daughter Sarah.

      Whereas I have dispersed threescore and sixteen pound for and towards

A ship called the Coslet for which ship I have a bill of sale, my will is that

My son Roger be presently furnished with one hundred twenty four pounds

More to make up the same two hundred pounds towards setting out of him

And the said ship, and my will is that the ship  be insured during this

Voyage &c.         Seager 78


ELIZABETH GLOVER of parrish of Anne Blackfriars London 4 May

1643, proved 7 May 1643.  To my brother Francis Collins and my sister

Sara Collins ten pounds apiece.  To my mother Mrs.Anne Glover ten

Pounds and my pair of brass andirons that are at Amy Collin’s house anda

Cap pan of Brass to them.  To myh threee nieces Elizabeth, Sara andAnne

Collins, daughters of my said sister Sarah Collins,one hundred pounds

Apiece.  To my niece Elizabeth Pemberton fifty pounds (and certain goods).

To my nephew Robert Pemberton fifty pounds.  To my brother

JOHN GLOVER  and his wife ten pounds apiece.  To my said brother JOHN

GLOVER for the use of his son Charles, my nephew and godson, thirty

Pounds of lawful English money.  I do will that if my nephew William

Moretoft shall live  to the age of one and twenty years then I do give him

Thirty pounds, but if he shall die before he attain to that age then I do will

the said legacy last mentioned to my said Nephew Robert Pemberton.  To

my uncle Roulte, to the Lady Abigail Darcy, to Mr. Morris and his wife,

to Mr.  Coppinger, to Mr. Dunton and his wife, Mr.Smythe and Mr.Miller

and their wives and to Sir Edward  Leech and his lady, to each of them a

ring enameled,  with a death’s head, of the price of forty shillings each

ring.  To the poor of Istleworth five pounds.  To Dr. Gouge forty shillings.

To my said sister Sara Collins all my linen and woollen clothes, to

Dispose of them all to her own proper use &c.  To my nurce Cushion

Twenty shillings, besides her wages.  I make and ordain my nephew Roger

Pemberton sole executor, to whom I give one hundred pounds.  The rest

To my niece Elizabeth Pemberton .    Crand 38



JOHN GLOVER of Lincoln’s Inn Middlesex “Petter” Barrister 23

October 1648. proved 19 October 1649.  I devise  my manor of Water Newton
With the appurtenauces,  in the Co. of Huntington and allmy lands,
?ements &c. in that countgy unto Gamaliel Catlmer of Lincoln’s Inn Esq.,
Richard Broughton of the Middle Temple gen, my nephew Robert Pemberton
Of Lincoln’s Inn Gen, and certain estates in Whaddon and other
Was in Cambridgeshire to be conveyed to my said three friends by William
Vaughan of Gray’s Inn gen., my late servant , in whose name they ? as my trustee. 
All these upon trust to allow my wife to take the ? of her jointure, to pay for the
maintenance and education of my
? children in such proportion as my wife shall think meet.  And there
Will be raised for the portions of my seven younger children  as follows to
every of my three younger sons, Charles, John and Richard, five hundred
pounds apiece, to be paid them  at their respective ages of one and twenty
every of my four daughters as follows; to Elizabeth one thousand


Page  774


Pounds, to Dorothy one thousand pounds,  to Sara six hundred pounds and

to Deborah five hundred pounds, at their respective ages of twenty years or

days of marriage.  The inheritance of certain estates in Highgate which I

have purchased to be surrendered to my wife.  And whereas my brother

in law Mr. George Griffith did heretofore pretend that I was indebted to

him I do clear myself and, to give my mother in law and others satisfaction

protest before God that  I own him not one penny.  My friend and

kinsman  Philip Smith Esq. Hath in his hands and keeping an ancient

Statute of Sir John Whitbrookes for which I have paid many years since

One thousand pounds, for the debts of my said brother in law.  Lands in

Surrey to descend to my eldest son FRANCIS GLOVER.  I make my wife

Executrix.  By a codicil he relieves his wife of the trouble of acting as

Executrix and appoints his son Francis executor, and I wish him to take

Administration of the goods &c. of my brother Richard Glover deceased

Farirax, 150


(The name of the testor’s wife  does not appear in the above will,  and the

change of mind as  to be executorship prevents our learning it through the

Probate Act.  But he is known to have married Joane, one of the daughters of

Francis Dorrington  of London, merchant for whose pedigree see Visitation

of London (1633-34).  Harleian Society’s Publications, vol. 15, p. 235. Her

mother was a daughter of Simon Horspoole


ANNE GLOVER of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, London 5  July 1650

With codicil made 22 January 1651, proved 26 June 1654.  My body shall

Be carried to Milton Hervy in Bedfordshire and buried in the parish church

Near unto my dear and loving husband Francis Barty in decent and comely

Manner.  To my nephew William Portington, the son of my sister Judith

Portington, the lease of my house the which I hold the Right Hon. The

Earl of Bedford in the Strand &c. paying the lord’s rend, which is eight

Pound a year; also the lease  of my house in Coleman Street.  Other gifts

To him.  I give also to my nephew Portington one hundred and fifty pounds

of money due to me out of Ratcliffe from JOHN GLOVER, the which made

over to me  for fifty pound a year that his father in Beckett he sold the

which my husband GLOVER made over to me out of Beckett for part of my

jointure, being part of my jointure he made in Ratcliffe fifty pound a year

which was to be paid yearly by his father’s executor to me as long as I

lived; for want of payment the whole is forfeited to me, which is my

jointure.  To Sir  Thomas Hartopp five pounds to make him a ring.  To

my niece Dorothy one dozen of gold buttons enameled and six of them

with rubies and six with diamonds.  To my niece Mary Hartopp a dozen

gold buttons set with rubies &c. (they have them already).  To my

nephew William five pounds to make him a ring.  Gifts to sister Rodd and

niece Rodd.  To Sir John Rolt my Arras hangings, five in number and

my best cabinet.  To his lady a dozen and a half gold buttons  set  with

three diamonds apiece.  To my daughter Dorothy my pointed diamond

ring.  To my daughter  ELIZABETH GLOVER my gold bracelet set with

diamonds.  To my niece Judith fifty shillings.  To her sister Susan and

Margaret ten pounds apiece, to be paid to their brother (Judith tobe in

his hand).  To Elizabeth, Mary and Anne Ebbs.  To my servant Robert

Darnton ten pounds of the money due to me at Ratcliffe from my son John

and JOHN GLOVER grandchild of ROGER GLOVER. To  my niece

Baynam twenty pounds due to me from the House of Parliament. My

daughter Seward's children, My daughter Knightbridge. My son Author


P. 775

Knightsbridge.  My niece Elizabeth Rolt.  My nephew George Fitz Jeffrey.

My son JOHN GLOVER the heir of Ratcliffe &c.  My son Collins'children.  Sarah Prophet.  To my nephew Sir John Rolt the third part of teh money due to me from my grandchild JOHN GLOVER AND  JOHN GLOVER that their father did tie over for the fifty pound a year to have been paid to me yearly,
but was paid but one year.  Cousin Robert Tanisse.  My
three nephews, Thomas, Walter and Richard.  My nephew William Portington.
    In the codicil she says "whereas heretofore JOSSE GLOVER Clerke
surrendered the Revercon of certaine Coppiehold Messuages, Tenements and hereditaments with their appurtenances holden of the Manor of Stebonheath
(which I have a Joyucture) to the use of my brother Thomas Rolt
Esquire, nevertheless upon concicon that the said JOSSE GLOVER and hisshould pay me fiftie pounds a yeare during my live &c." Reference to
JOHN GLOVER, son of heir of said JOSSE GLOVER.  Aylett 156


FRANCIS GLOVER of Westminister, Middlesex, gentleman, 12 October1659, proved 16 July 1666. Reference to will of late father JOHN GLOVER
of Lincoln's Inn ,?tter barister, lately deceased (about 1648) and  his devise 
to Gamaliell Catline of Lincoln's Inn Esq. and others, in trust &c.  To my
wife six hundred pound and also forty pounds to buy her mourning. To
my sister Skynner one hundred pounds, seven years hence, if her husband's
late eldest brother's child be then living,  otherwise not to be  paid.  Twenty
pounds to be paid to my sister Skynner and her husband over and above
the one hundred pounds.  Twenty pounds between my sister Sarah  and
Deborah.  Ten pounds to my brother John and ten pounds to my brother
RICHARD GLOVER.  I make him executor of my cousin Robert
Pemberton and my brother Church overseers.

Decimo sexto die mensis Julii  Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo
Saxagesimo Sexto Emanat  Comissio THEODORE GLOVER Relctae dict: de-
 --cti habentis dum vixit et mortis suae tempore bona jurs sive credita in
-iversis Diocess. sive Jurisbus Ad Administrand. bona jura et credita
--usdem defuncti juxta tenorem et effectum Testamenti ipsis defuncti,
--quod CARLOS GLOVER, Executgor in dicgto TGestamento nominat., antequam
--us Executionis in se acceptasset, ab hac luce etiam migrauite etc.

Mico 117


CHARLES GLOVER. late of Princes Street parish of St. Giles in
--te Fields, Middlesex, declared his will nuncupative or by word of mouth
on  or about 4 December 1663; he the said deceased speaking while JANE
GLOVER, hiswife, at the same time with several of his friends and acauaintances
were then  present, said I give my whole estate to my wife for the
good of my children.
Addition. with the will annexed was granted to his widow JANE GLOVER
December 1668.     Juxon 145

Mense Augusti 1684.  Vicesimo primo die Emt Como  CARLOS GLOVER
---uri nrali et ltimo RICHARDI GLOVER nup de Virginia sed sup alto mari in--- vocatga.  THE MARYLAND  vindui defuuctgi habern ETC.


page 776

Mense Novembris 1684. Undecimo die emt Com° CARLO GLOVER, nepoti
ex fratre RICHARD GLOVER, nup de Virginia in ntibus transmarinis sed in nave
vocata The Maryland vidui defuncti haben etc. ad adstrand bona jura et
credita dicti defuncti p CAROLUM GLOVER fraterm nralem etltimum dicti
defuncti modo etiam demortuum inadministrat etc.   Admon A. B. 1684


Whether the following will refers to the same family I am unable to say.

MARY GLOVER of the City of London, widow, 21 March 1660, proved
2 July 1661.  To my daughter BENNETT GLOVER now of Virginia in parts
beyond the seas, twenty shillings.  I give unto her my two mourning rings,
now in the custody of my daughter ANNE GLOVER, if she the said BENNETT
shall fortune to come  over the seas and  to this City of London to receive and enjoy the same rings herself.  To my son RICHARD GLOVER ten  pounds
to put him forth an apprentice, at the care, discretion and good liking of my loving brother, Mr. Isaac Perkins, minister of God's Word.  To my said
son Richard (certain household stuff).

Item, my will  and mind is that all such moneys, goods, commodities and
other things now due or  hereafter to be due to me  as Adventure or as part
of my late husband RICHARD GLOVER'S estate from beyond the seas, and also
all benefit and  profit to be recovered and received of the debt now  due to
me  from Thomas Cooper, shall be both equally had, parted and received by
my son and daughter RICHARD AND ANNE GLOVER, part and part alike.  The
residue to my daughter ANNE GLOVER.  I do desire, nominate and appoint
my very loving cousin John Watson full and sole executor.
    Among the witnesses were  Henry Cope and Elizabeth  Cope.  Proved
by John Watson.   May, 111

(With reference to the family of MR. JOSSE GLOVER, the following notes taken some years ago from the Suffolk Court files (with the kindly assistance of my
friend Mr. William P. Upham, who called them to my notice) ought to
be preserved; and no  better occasion has  ever occurred than now when I have
given so many wills bearing on the ancestry of Mrs. Sarah Winghrope, Mrs.
Elizabeth Winthrop and Mrs. Priscilla Appleton, daughters of MR. GLOVER and
the parties concerned in the  suit about the estate  of DR. JOHN GLOVER, the son
of REV. JOSSE GLOVER.  Some account of him, by the way will be found in
Munck's History of the College of Physicians.   Henryh F. Waters

See Register, vol 13, pp. 135-7, and vol 30, pp 26-8 for notices of REV.|
JOSSE GLOVER; also MISS ANNA GLOVER'S GLOVER Memorials and Genealogies (Boston, 1867, pp 560-72 EDITOR)


P. 776


JOHN GLOUER son of MR. JOSSE GLOUER & PRISCILLA, his wife died intestate (in London 1668) seized of a farme at Sudbury leaueiuge one only
Sister Priscilla the wife of Jo Apperton who in her right claimeth the
Inheritance of the said Land as his next heire the said GLOUER dyinge with
out Ishshewe.

This said MR. JOSSE GLOUER by a former benter had two daughters Sarah
y° wife of Mr. Deane Wintrop & Elizabeth the wife of Mr. Adam Wintrop
decreased  Leaueinge Issue Adam Wintrop now liueinge, neither of with aut?
to claime any part of the said Landof JOSSE GLOUER beinge but of the halfa
bloud at the least & for other reasons:

1    Because JOHN GLOUER enjoyed these lands in his Mothers right his
father being neur possessed of them andt he said daughters Sarah &
Elizabeth cannot claime any right by descent from a Mother in Law: nor
halfe sisters claime as particulars with a sister of the whole blood.

page 777

2    because ye said Sarah & Elizabeth had large portiones bequeathed
them by their father MR. JOSSE GLOUER which they also received, but ye s_
Priscilla the wife of Jo Appleton received not her portion given by her
father  but lost there of 150 pounds.

3.    Because upon ye marriage of yes said Priscilla with Jo Appleton: there
was a covenant made that if ye 8d Priscilla died within a yeare the said
GLOUER should enjoy halfe her estate which was to be restored to him & no
other might the said Priscilla expect the sole benefit of the Estate dying
without issue intestate & therefore humbly prayeth the assistance of this
court to put her into a legal possession  thereof by granting the said Jo Appleton: her husband Administration: or by any other meanes within there wisdom they shall think meet.  Witness my hand John Appleton


Vera Copia Atgtest

Edw. Rawson Secret


In the case wherein Capt. John Appleton is pit:  agt: Thomas Danforth
as Admin. to DR JOHN GLOUER deceased, the said Thomas Danforth
doth own and confess in Court, that Mrs. Priscilla Appleton the wife of the
said Capt. Appelton is the reputed daughter of MR. JOSSE GLOUER, MRS ELIZABETH his wife, & that the above named DR. JOHN GLOUER was her
reputed brother, and  that the said DR. GLOUER was seized of a farme neere
Sudbury & that for many yeares, before he died, & that he the said DR.
GLOUER, sold a part thereof, & the remainder as Atturney to DR. GLOUER
the said Thomas Danforth leased it out to the tennant that is now in pos-
session of it:

This is owned in Court and  attested to be true:

Capt. John Appleton et ux. Priscilla v. Thomas Danforth Adm. Est of JOHN
GLOVER  dec'd.  Attachment dated 3rd Nov. 1668. Middlesex Co.
Court held in Charlestown 15 Dec. 1668.

Copy of letter

Loving Brother,

I am sorry that Providence hath so ordered it, that
I could not see you.  I am sorry that you gave such a release, but now it
cannot be helpt.  I am now come out of Scotland my Grandmother being
dead.  I m to pay a great deale of moneys before I can enjoy my Estate
if it should please the Lord to take me out of this world.  I shall take
some course that you may understand how my business is here for it is my
desire that my sister youre wife should have all that I have both old &
New England.  I pray give me an Account how my Estate is there &c.
concerning private matters.
I rest youre very affectionate Brother til  death.



London March 5 1655
Super scribed

Directed to Capt. John Appleton of Ipswich Extracted
our of a letter on file, & is a true copy so far as it refers to the case in

As Attests   Tho. Danforth, R.


page 778

At a General court held at Boston 22 May 1658  The court granted
Mr. Hugh Peters five hundred Acres.  To Mr. Thomas Allen five hundred
Acres, in regard of Mr. Harwards gift.  To MR. GLOUER six hundred acres,
To Leift Spage one hundred Acres having borne difficulties, &c.
That this is a true copy taken out of the Court Book of Records

As Attest  Edward Rawson Secret

From papers in a suit concerning the estate of DR. JOHN GLOVER taken from the files of Suffolk Co., Court


Name:   William Glover (spelled "Gloveyer")
Location:   Northampton Co.
Will Date:   30 Jul 1754
Probate Date:   - Aug 1754
Will:   Sons: John, William, George, Joseph, Benjamin. Daughters: Liddy Harris, Sarah Parrish. Granddaughter: Morning Harris. Wife: Mary. Executors: John and William Glover (sons). Witnesses: John Day, Silvester Eastis, Sammuel Harris. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards.




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