Rev. John Lathrop

Founder of Barnstable, Mass,

Variations in the surname spelling include: Lathrop, Lothorp, Lothrop, Lothrope, Lowthrop, Lowthorppe, Lowthrup, Lowthruppe, Lowthrope, Lowthroppe.

Rev. John Lathrop is shown on the Griffin 1634 passenger list.

Source: spring newsletter



John Lathrop and his followers initially settled in Scituate, Mass. Their religious differences with the inhabitants caused them to look elsewhere to live. Although, some individuals lived in the area of Barnstable, Plymouth Co, Mass, the moving of John Lathrop and his followers to Barnstable is considered the founding of the town. He lived there until he died, in 1653.

Christened at Etton, Yorkshire, England 1584

Died and buried in Barnstable, Massachusetts age 68 years, 7 months in 1653

My ancestry to Rev. John Lathrop:

Rev. John Lathrop>Rev. Joseph Lathrop>
Mary Lothrop >Edward Crowell >Mary Crowell & Samuel Dennis, Jr.>Reliance Dennis & Samuel Paschal>Sarah Paschal m. John Glover>John Paschal Glover>Susan K. Glover>Nathan O'Neal Glover>E. C. Glover>J. T. Glover> me



Rev. John Lothropp's bible brought to America by Rev. John Lothropp onboard the Griffin in 1634.
Rev. John Lothropp was a religious leader in Plymouth Plantation where he founded three churches which are still in existence. 

The story of most Lathrops in America starts with the illustrious Rev. John Lothropp. There is lots of information about him on the Web. Here is some of what I have found about Rev. John Lothrop and Hannah House. He was the second pastor of the first Independent (Congregational) Church in London. At that time the King, Charles I,  was in a conflict with Parliament. Puritans Presbyterians and Independents, all dissenters from the Church of England supported Parliament. This conflict led up to the English Civil War. King Charles I would be beheaded in 1649 by forces led by Lord Cromwell during the English Civil War.

As a result of the political conflict between King Charles and Parliament religious dissenters were persecuted. Rev. John was imprisoned from 1632 to 1634. While in prison his wife, Hannah House, died. He was banished to America upon his release. He led a group of followers to Scituate Massachusetts. They sailed on 18 Sept. 1634 on the Griffin to Boston MA. He became pastor of the First Church in Scituate where he remained till 1639 when a dispute split the church. Rev John led a group of his followers to Barnstable Mass., about 40 miles to the south east on the north shore of Cape Cod. Barnstable considers Rev John Lothrop to be its founder and has several references to him on its web pages. His house is now the town library.


     1   John Lathrop 1584 - 1653
    ..  +Hannah Howse 1590 - 1633
    ........... 2   Thomas Lathrop 1613 - 1707
    ...............  +Sarah Learned 1607 -
    ........... 2   Jane Lathrop 1614 - 1683
    ...............  +Samuel Fuller 1602 - 1683
    ........... 2   Anne Lathrop 1616 - 1617
    ........... 2   John 'The Older' Lathrop 1618 - 1653
    ........... 2   Barbara Lathrop 1619 -
    ...............  +John Emerson 1620 -
    ........... 2   Samuel Lathrop 1623 - 1700
    ...............  +Elizabeth Scudder 1625 - 1682
    ...........  *2nd Wife of Samuel Lathrop:
    ...............  +Abigail Doane 1632 - 1735
    ........... 2   Joseph Lathrop 1624 - 1700
    ...............  +Mary Ansell 1632 -

    Joseph Lothrop was born in 1624 at Lambeth, London, England. He was the son of Rev. John Lothrop. Joseph Lothrop married Mary Ansell on 11 December 1650 at Barnstable, Massachusetts. His estate was probated on 9 April 1702 at Barnstable, Massachusetts.

    Children of Joseph Lothrop and Mary
    Ansell: Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth, John, Samuel, John, Barnabas, Hope, Thomas, Hannah

    Mary married first Edward Crowell and second William Paschal.

    ........... 2   Benjamin Lathrop 1626 -
    ...............  +Martha Walcott 1634 -
      *2nd Wife of John Lathrop:
    ..  +Ann 1616 - 1688
    ........... 2   Barnabas Lathrop 1636 - 1715
    ...............  +Susanna Clark 1641 - 1697
    ...........  *2nd Wife of Barnabas Lathrop:
    ...............  +Abigail [Dodson] 1643 - 1715
    ........... 2   Lathrop 1638 - 1638
    ........... 2   Abigail Lathrop 1639 -
    ...............  +James Clark 1639 - 1713
    ........... 2   Bathsheba Lathrop 1642 - 1723
    ...............  +Alexander Marsh 1641 - 1698
    ........... 2   John Lathrop 1645 - 1727
    ...............  +Hannah 1644 - 1738
    ...........  *2nd Wife of John Lathrop:
    ...............  +Mary Cobb 1653 - 1695
    ........... 2   Lathrop 1650 - 1650



  • Rev. John Lothrop's will dated August 10, 1653 probated march 7 1653/4, names daughter Jane as already having her portion.


    John Lathrop baptized Etton Yorkshire England December 20, 1584 died Barnstable, Mass November 8, 1653 m. October 10, 1610 Hannah House, d. 1634

    The name was sometimes written Lathrop, other times Lothrop and originated in the town of Lowthrope, England. John Lathrop was born in Yorkshire England.
    He first entered Christ Church College, Oxford in 1601 but transferred to the more liberal Queen's College from which he graduated with a B.A. in 1605 and an M.A. in 1609. He moved to Edgerton, Kent, a town 48 miles southeast of London, where he was curate of the parish church. He left Edgerton in 1623 apparently due to a distaste for the Church of England and became the minister of the First Indepdent Church of London, a church whose religion was not the same as the king's and thus illegal. On April 22, 1632 the church's gathering was invaded by the authoroties and forty-two members were taken into custody and were held in the old Clink Prison in Newgate. His followers apparently lingered here for months and released. He, being considered too dangerous to the church remained in Prison. While he languished in prison, his wife died, and left behind numerous children who appealed to the Bishop at Lambeth for his release. He being briefly permitted to "commend her to God", the Bishop granted him liberty, which appears to be limited, perhaps something akin to our contempory "parole." Suffice it to say, he, with reasonable haste repaired to New England. He arrived on the Ship Griffin, together with others of his "flock" Sept, 1634.

    He received warm welcome, but later removed to Barnstable, due to differences with some of his people over baptism, of which he disapproved. He remained here for 14 years. He required no creeds, nor confessions of faith, believed that man is not responsible to fellow man in matters of faith and conscience, tolerated differences of opinion, and was, apparently, in all, an independent thinker who held opinions in advance of his times.

    John Lathrop was made a freeman and took oath on March 7, 1636 in Scituate. On January 1, 1637 certain freemen of Scituate, including John Lathrop, complained to the Court that they were alloted such small portions of land that they could not subsist on them. The Court of Assistants granted them upland and a neck of land lying between The North and South Rivers provided upon the condition that they makea a township there and inhabit the said land.
    John moved with others in October 1639 and this became the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod. He was granted a four acre lot in this town upon which he built a small house. A larger house was built in 1644. On March 7, 1653 Mars. Lathrop was granted letters of administration of the estate of Mr John Lathrop deceased.

    After a dedicated, and apparently illustrious ministry, he died Barnstable, Nov 8. 1653.

    Rev. John Lothrop was the father of Jane Lothrop/Lathrop who married Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower.

    Rev. John Lothrop/Lathrop's house still stands in Barnstable and is part of the Sturgis Library. Among the artifacts of Rev. John Lothrop is his bible.

    Children of Jane Lothrop and Samuel Fuller: Hannah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Thomas, Sarah, John, and a child whose name is not recorded but who died 15 days after birth.
    Samuel Fuller came on the Mayflower at the age of 12, with his father Edward Fuller.  (He should not be confused with Doctor Samuel Fuller, his uncle, who also came on the Mayflower).  Samuel's parents both died the first winter at Plymouth.  Samuel was apparently raised by his uncle, and became a freeman of Plymouth in 1634.  He married in Scituate the next year to Jane Tothrop, the daughter of Rev. John Lothrop and his first wife Hannah Howes.  He and wife Jane would raise their family initially at Scituate, before moving sometime shortly before 1641 to Barnstable.  He would live out the next forty years of his life in Barnstable.  His probate records of 1683-1684 indicate that his wife predeceased him.  He also bequeathed an Indian named Joel to his son John.



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