Glover School House Cemetery
Reynolds, Ga.

Aka Byrd-Glover Cemetery


Birth Death
John Paschall Glover, Jr.
Son of  John Paschal Glover and Drucilla Evans (died in Barbour County, Al.), grandson of John Glover and Sarah Paschal (buried in Mt. Paran)
Oct. 17, 1814 Aug. 21, 1879
Infant  Glover son of F. E. And S. P. July 7, 1886 July 8, 1886
John W. Glover, son of  F. E. and S. P. Glover June 30, 1880 July 16, 1881
Matilda   Vinson April 10, 1825 Feb. 2, 1885
Ruth E. Glover dau of  F. E. & S. P. Glover July 17, 1885 July 29, 1885
Susan E. Glover dau of  John Paschall Glover, Jr and Matilda Vinson March 3, 1843 June 10, 1902
Edwin Glover English 1860 1922
Florine Ogburn English Oct. 5, 1882 March 29, 1959
Mary Druscilla Glover Ogburn   English
see obit below
Jan. 7, 1852 December 21, 1932
Curtis Quinton English April 2, 1875 Jan. 14, 1941
India Ogburn 1884 1886
Infant child of J. L. and M. D. Nov. 30, 1857 Nov. 30, 1885
J. L. Ogburn(1st husband of Mary Druscilla Glover) Aug. 27, 1849 April 7, 1885
Melissa Ogburn
principal of Butler High School of  Reynolds.
grandchild of
Matilda Vinson Glover and Elder J. P. Glover
1881 1949
Charles M. Saylor Dec. 31, 1881 Aut. 4, 1887
Infant son of H. E. & M. L. Saylor Dec. 18, 1896 Dec. 18, 1896
John Jacob, Sr. 1830 1921
G. Saylor Sept. 9, 1873 July 11, 1888
Jacob Saylor, Jr. 1873 1923
Laura E. Saylor July 27, 1872 May 16, 1896
Sophronia Glover Saylor 1845 1924
William F. Saylor son of J. J. and S.S. Jan. 2, 1880 June 8, 1882
Frank Musselwhite July 19, 1887 May 28, 1888
Mattle Lee Glover Musselwhite, daughter of  W. M. & M. G.,w/W. M. Martha Lee Glover Aug. 30, 1887 June 22, 1888
Highway 128 North from Reynolds. Turn on North Rd # 283 

Byrd, A. J.
8 Jul 1879 -27 Dec 1927

Byrd, Adline Bowers*
15 Jun 1851 - 17 Feb 1936

Byrd, Addie C.
12 Jul 1880 - 16 Jan 1882
(daughter of Pickens Byrd)

Byrd, Alfred D. "Tobe"
29 Sep 1852 - 29 Sep 1933

Byrd, Amos
24 Jun 1857 - 30 Jan 1938

Byrd, Felton I.
1 Dec 1905 - 28 Jan 1913

Byrd, G. D.
30 Apr 1862 - 28 Aug 1902
(son of Robert Byrd)

Byrd, Giliie Freeney
29 Oct 1877 -6 Oct 1949

Byrd, Gracey E.
4 Apr 1863 - 26 Sep 1927
(2nd wife of J.T. Byrd*)

Byrd, Hugh Jack
20 Jun 1893 - 5 Jul 1919

Byrd, John Thomas*
20 Sep 1870 - 11 Apr 1944

Byrd, Martha Alice
27 Jan 1863 - 25 May 1937

Byrd, Mary Ann
25 Dec 1831 - 20 Nov 1898

Byrd, Mollie
4 Mar 1857 - 10 Jul 1926

Byrd, Myrtle Pierce
10 Aug 1885 - 4 Jun 1954

Byrd, Nancy M.
26 Jun 1872 - 16 Nov 1905
(wife of J.T. Byrd)

Byrd, Obie Walton
17 Sep 1882 - 11 Aug 1892
(son of Pickens Byrd)

Byrd, Pickens
1847 - 1919

Byrd, Robert
3 Mar 1817 - 27 Sep 1883

Byrd, Robert L.
2 Sep 1903 - 10 Jan 1905
(son of R.D. & L.E. Byrd)

Byrd, Webster Lee
20 Aug 1889 - 7 Jan 1891
(son of Amos Byrd)

Byrd, William T.
6 Jun 1835 - 15 Aug 1862

Byrd, William P.
22 Jun 1900 - 15 Sep 1900
(son of J.T. & N.M. Byrd)

Byrd, Zarny T.
1 Nov 1895 - 13 Nov 1895
(son of J.T. & N.M. Byrd)

Davis, Annie Belle
18 Oct 1899 - 11 Jun 1900

Davis, Infant
(no dates)
( daughter of R.E. & O.R. Byrd)

Davis, Infant
14 Apr 1901 - 14 Apr 1901
(son of R.E. & O.M. Byrd)

Davis, Ollie McDaniel
16 Jan 1874 - 24 Dec 1932

Davis, R. E.
30 Apr 1876 - 4 Jun 1925

English, Edwin Glover
1860 - 1922

English, Florine Ogburn
5 Oct 1882 - 29 Mar 1959

English, Mary Glover
1852 - 1932

English, Quinton Curtis
2 Apr 1875 - 14 Jan 1941

Glover, Elder John P.
17 Oct 1814 - 21 Aug 1879

Glover, Infant
7 Jul 1886 - 8 Jul 1886
(son of F.E. & S.P. Glover)

Glover, John W.
30 Jun 1880 - 16 Jul 1881
(son of F. E. & S.P. Glover)

Glover, Matilda Vinson*
10 Apr 1825 - 2 Feb 1885

Glover, Ruth E.
17 Jul 1885 - 29 Jul 1885
(daughter of F.E. & S.P. Glover)

Glover, Susan E.
3 Mar 1843 - 10 Jun 1902
(daughter of J.P. & M.V. Glover)

Hill, Alice O.
12 Dec 1869 - 15 Jun 1895
(wife of J.G.H.)

Hill, Eva Tinie
7 Jan 1895 - 18 May 1895
(daughter of J.G. & A.O. Hill)

Hill, George K.
11 Apr 1892 - 4 Nov 1893
(son of J.G. & A.O. Hill)

Hill, Infant
(no dates)
(child of G.L. & I.C. Hill)

Hill, Nera Tempi
7 Jan 1895 - 9 May 1895
(daughter of J.G. & A.O. Hill)

Jones, Bessie
(no dates)
(wife of J.H. Jones*)

Jones, Child

Jones, Child (3)

Jones, James H.*
(no dates)

Jones, Mary C.
1906 - 1908
(daughter of J.H. & A.B. Jones)

McCord, Susan Dunman B.#
77 yrs - 2 Jan 1987

McDaniel, G. W.
4 Oct 1846 - 22 Nov 1906

McDaniel, Georgian N.
22 Jul 1845 - 10 Jan 1926

Musselwhite, Frank
19 Jul 1887 - 28 May 1888
(daughter of W.M. & M. G. Musselwhite)

Musselwhite, Mattie Lee
30 Aug 1857 - 22 Jun 1888
(wife of W. M.)

Nelson, George Thomas Green
2 Feb 1856 - 30 Jan 1908
(son of Nathan and Martha Maddox Nelson)
(husband of Ella L.McCrary Nelson)

Nelson, Ella Louise M McCrary  
6 Sep 1855 - 13 Aug 1928
(d/o Gillah Freeny m. Martha A Northington)
(wife of George T.G. Nelson)

Nelson, George J.
 - 18 Aug 1942

Nelson, Joseph S.
29 Jun 1880 - 1 Dec 1933
(son of George T. and Ella Nelson)
(husband of Minnie L.)

Nelson, Minnie L.
22 Dec 1882 - 12 Sep 1963
(wife of Joseph S. Nelson)

Ogburn, India
1884 -1886

Ogburn, Infant
30 Nov 1885 - 30 Nov 1885
(J.L.&M.D. Ogburn)

Ogburn, J. L.
27 Aug 1849 - 7 Apr 1885

Ogburn, Melissa
1881 - 1949

Parker, Lettie Mae
27 Mar 1926 - 27 Mar 1926

Saylor, Charles M.
31 Dec 1881 - 4 Aug 1887

Saylor, Infant
18 Dec 1896  - 18 Dec 1896
(son of H.E.&M.L. Saylor)

Saylor, Infant 
16 Nov 1887 - 16 Nov 1887
(child of J.J.&S.S.)

Saylor, John Jacob Sr.
1830 -1921

Saylor, John G.
9 Sep 1873 - 11 Jul 1888

Saylor, John Jacob Jr.
1873 -1923

Saylor, Laura E.
27 Jul 1870 - 16 May 1896

Saylor, Sophronia G.
1845 - 1924

Saylor, William F.
2 Jan 1880 - 8 Jun 1882
(son of J.J. & S.S.) 

Thornton, Solomon Thomas
? - 1 Feb 1898
(infant son of James Harris and Mattie Brown Thornton)

Note from Lisa Windham:
The Byrd-Glover Cemetery has been called that ever since I can remember.  I
grew up just 3-4 mi down the road & I've never heard it called anything else. 
There are Byrd & Glover folks buried there, as well as McDaniel, Nelson, Ogburn,
Saylor & some others too.  It's not a very large cemetery at all, but I suspect
there are a lot more folks buried there than we know about (unmarked graves). 
The name came from the folks who are buried in it and the fact that it's located
across the road (there was no road there then) from a church that Nancy Byrd
donated the land for in exchange for having a log home built.  That is the site
of what later became known as Glover School.  
This cemetery was not always called the Byrd-Glover Cemetery.  
Old newspapers refer to it as the Glover School House Cemetery.
In Essie Child's  book on Taylor County she also refers to this 
cemetery without mentioning the Byrd name.  
The school was the Glover School.
The old maps of Taylor and possibly the new maps show Glover Cemetery.
Yes there are Byrds buried there but the majority of the graves are 
Glover family connected names,Glover, Ogburn, English, Saylor, 
It is said that the School was across the road from the 
It makes it difficult when names change for old burial 
The old newspapers and other accounts will not reflect 
the new name and there lies the big problem.  
No this is not Byrd-Glover Cemetery It was 
simply Glover Cemetery or Glover School House Cemetery.

The Macon County Citizen - The Montezuma Georgian
 Merged Oct. 1, 1931 December 22, 1932
Reynolds, Ga. Dec. 21 - The death of Mrs. E. G. English, of 
Reynolds, was a shock to the whole Reynolds, Taylor County and 
adjoining counties Tuesday afternoon. 
This venerable lady would have been eighty years of age next
January 7th and her death is a source of grief to a wide 
circle of friends and acquaintances.
Mrs. English was the daughter of Elder J. P. Glover 
(John Paschal Glover),a Primitive Baptist minister of note, and Matilda Vinson Glover.
Mrs. English having been married twice, her first husband was
J. L. Ogburn who died in 1884 while her second husband was 
the late Capt. E. G. English.
Mrs. English had been ill of the infirmities of old age 
with influenza complications. She is survived by two 
daughters, Mrs. O. E. English of Portland, Oregon and 
Miss Melissa Ogburn, principal of Butler High School of 
Services at the home at 2:30 P.M. Wednesday and interment 
at Glover's Cemetery.

Macon County Citizen-Montezuma Georgian Jan. 16, 1941
News was received in Oglethorpe today of the death Tuesday morning at a hospital in Portland, Oregon, of Curtis Q. English, former Macon County Citizen, his death having resulted from an illness of several days with influenza.
Mr. English was a native of Macon County, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom English of Englishville, and he is survived by three brothers in the old home community, Russell English, Will English and W. T. English and a sister, Mrs. Etta Royal of Ellaville, Ga. His wife, formerly Miss Florine Ogburn of Reynolds, Ga. survives and she is returning with the body to Reynolds for funeral and interment. The time for the funeral has not been announced, but it will probably not be before the first of next week, due to the length of the trip from Portland.
[Note: Quinton Curtis English - Born April 2, 1875 - Died January 14, 1941 is buried in Glover Cemetery, State Hwy 263, N. of Reynolds [Taylor Co.], Ga. beside his wife, Florine Ogburn English [10-5-1882 - 3-29-1959]


These are two different and distinct cemeteries.

Byrd-Glover School - Clayton Academy

From the "History of Reynolds, Georgia" Compiled by Reynolds
Woman's Club, Bicentennial Edition, pg 27.  "... had it's beginning on May 12,
1832 when four men and five women constituted themselves into a Primitive
Doctrine Baptist Church.  This church was located about eight miles Northwest of
Reynolds (note: Reynolds wasn't formed until 1852) at Ariel in Crawford County
which at that time included part of what is now Taylor County."

Taylor County, Georgia      Deed Book H-1  Page 252

Regarding Lot number 203  January 12, 1868
Recorded  October 18, 1886

>From Nancy Byrd to C. M. Lucas, David Beeland And C. R. Wiggins.

This indenture made and entered into this the twelfth day of January in the year
of our lord eighteen hundred and sixty eight, between Nancy Byrd of the one part
and C.M.. Lucas, David Beeland and C.R.. Wiggins Trustees of the County Academy
known as Clayton Academy and situated on the northeast corner of the south half
of lot of land no. two hundred and three agreeably to original survey of the
other part all of the state and county aforesaid.  Witness that for and in
consideration of the aforesaid Trustee building or causing to be built a house
on lot of same no. two hundred and three within two hundred yards of the south
line of said lot and within two hundred yards of the marsh ground on the largest
branch running through the aforesaid lot of land number two hundred and three on
the west side of such branch dimensions as follows: log house cealed (sic.) with
boards 16 by 18 __?__ down one window, two doors, plank floor covered with
boards nailed on, stick and dirt chimney.  Do hereby grant bargain sell and
convey when the above obligation is completed with all that tract or parcel of
land, part of lot number two hundred and three.  Agreeable to original survey
lying and being in the north east corner of south half of aforesaid lot of land
containing four acres, known as the meeting house lot which the said Nancy Byrd
does here by bargain sell and convey unto the said Trustees and their successors
in office all that tract of parcel of land and the __?__ then unto belonging
forever in fee simple to have and to hold as a place for a County Academy and
public worship.  Said Nancy Byrd doth give warrant and defend the right and
title for herself her heirs and assigns to the Trustees and their successors in
office forever.  In witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal the
day and year above written.  Signed sealed and delivered.

(her mark)

Nancy  X Byrd
Recorded Oct 18, 1886
J. B. Flower, Clk
in the presence of V. Montgomery
David Beeland  JP

The cemetery is in the Northeast corner of the south half of LL 203 and Crowell
Church Road wasn't authorized to be laid out until 4 July 1872 in a special
session of the Court of Ordinary.

Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. June 23, 1916
On last Friday, June 10th, about 9 am, the neighborhood of Englishville, in this county, was shocked as never before by the sad news being flashed over telephone and other means of the accidental killing of Mr. Albert English, by his brother, Mr. Russell English.
The facts as learned are about as follows: The brothers were seated on the varanda when some disturbance occured among the chickens near the house and upon Albert's suggestion, Russell went into the room to get the gun, and evidently unbreached the gun to examine the shells, and after coming out of the room and putting the gun back in breach, by some means unknown, the gun was discharged and the entire load striking Albert in the back of the head, killing him instantly.
Albert was a prosperous young farmer and leaves many relatives and friends to mourn the seemingly untimely death.
Russell English, who was a party to the sad accident, has the entire sympathy of his many friends in this hour of distress. A Friend
[Note: Albert English & Russell English were sons of Thomas H. English [1835-1907] and Eliza Virginia (Higgins) English [1842-1908] both buried in the English Family Cemetery. Thomas & Eliza English had 13 children:
Edwin Glover English [1860], Arris Newton English [1861],Wylie Thomas English [1866], Wm. Lafayette English [1867] Henry Seymour English [1868] Rosetta Virginia English [1871] Samuel David English [1873] Quintus Curtis English [1875] James Carmicle English [1877] ALBERT ENGLISH b. 10-8-1879 d. 12-28-1916 & is buried in Ellaville, Never married., RUSSELL ENGLISH [1881] Mary Georgia English [1884] Minnie Lucia English [1887]

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